3 in 1 After Prgnancy Belt


3 in 1 After Prgnancy Belt

  •  3 belts in 1 set, met all your needs throughout the recovery process after pregnancy. This postnatal belt helps you quickly restore body shape, relieve postpartum discomfort and regain confidence.
  • Belly Belt prevents splanchnoptosis and tightens the abdominal muscle; The stomach belt prevents cracking of the wound, tightens and supports the fat around the stomach; The pelvic girdle helps the pelvis to recover.

3 in 1 After Prgnancy Belt

  • Made from elastic, moisture-wicking nylon, the honeycomb design has great elasticity and breathability, while maintaining watertightness
  • Adjustable elastic tension band with double-row stretch belt in the back,
  • adjust the size according to your needs and waist size, recover the excess fat.


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