3M 1110 Corded Foam Ear Plugs


3M 1110 Corded Foam Ear Plugs

  • Corded: Yes
  • Cord Type: Cloth
  • Electrically Insulated: Yes
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Recommended Application:
  • Assembly, Blasting, Cleaning, Demolition, Electrical, Facility Maintenance, Grinding, Machine Operations, Painting, Sanding, Welding
  • Recommended Industry:
  • Automotive, Construction, General Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, Military Maintenance, Military Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO), Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Repair and Operation (MRO), Transportation

3M 1110 Corded Foam Ear Plugs

  • Model: 1110 Earplugs – Corded
  • The 3M 1110 Earplugs offer high noise reduction at an affordable price. The soft, slow-recovery foam has a smooth surface and tapered design, so it feels more comfortable in the ear. These disposable earplugs come with or without cords.
  • The soft, slow-recovery foam earplugs are designed to help fit the ear canal.
  • Smooth, dirt resistant surface provides better hygiene
  • Earplugs are easy to roll down for quick and easy fitting
  • Tapered design fits comfortably in earcanals
  • Soft polyurethane foam is hypoallergenic


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