85cm Gym Ball with Air Pump


85cm Gym Ball with Air Pump

85cm is a good size for addressing core muscles.

Fix the muscles that are necessary for stability and proper posture.
Stay Ball is designed to keep you in one spot.

85cm Gym Ball with Air Pump

Size of yoga ball: 85cm A foot pump is included with this gym ball. A QUICK DUAL ACTION INFLATION PUMP IS INCLUDED IN THE GYM GRADE FITNESS BALL. It can be used for yoga, Pilates, stretching, and other exercises. Maintain whole body engagement: upper body, back, core, legs, and pelvic floor muscles! It’s great for difficult exercises because it’s made of burst-resistant, robust PVC. For long-term use, it’s made of high-quality rubber. For safe use when conducting weighted exercises, this surface has a high grip and is non-slip. These yoga balls are used to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is beneficial and ideal for fitness, strength, rehabilitation, balance, toning, stretching, back care, and sports training. 1 Gym Boll * 1 Foot Air Pump are included in the package.


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