Anti Decubitus Air Pump & Bubble Mattress


Anti Decubitus Air Pump & Bubble Mattress

  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Best alternating pressure mattress with 130 individual air bubbles, for even support and weight displacement. Ultra quiet pump.
  • COMFORTABLE: Variable pressure dial for precise air flow, and restful sleep.
  • PAIN RELIEF: Alternating pressure mattress helps prevention and also relieve pain from sore spots, pressure spots, and pressure ulcers.
  • DURABLE: MEDICAL GRADE PVC will hold up to 110 kgs. Flexible non-binding hose

Anti Decubitus Air Pump & Bubble Mattress


Providing relief from bed sores and ulcers caused by extended bedrest, the alternating medical bed for patients promotes increased circulation and helps manage skin maceration. The variable pressure mattress evenly distributes weight to relieve pressure spots for exceptional support and comfort. Perfect for immobilized or weak patients who cannot shift their weight frequently.

Alternative pressure redistribution system: Air cells of the alternating pressure pad would be automatically inflated and deflated alternately through the consistent cyclic airflow to create a therapeutic sleeping surface, which helps optimize weight redistribution and reduce pressure spots, effective in the prevention and relief of ulcers, an essential for a patient who has to lie for long.

Superior Quality PVC Material:

This foldable bed heavy duty durable fast inflating hospital airbed is made with high quality medical grade PVC material with 0.30mm thickness and waterproof, easy to clean and will lay on any bed mattress or frame, supporting up to 110kgs.


Anti decubitus air mattress pad of MM2 has micro holes which can via air loss, allow air to pass through and ventilate the patient’s back for complete care and prevention of bedsores. It relieves the pain of sores and pressure ulcers by maintaining alternating pressure.


Variable pressure air pump is ultra quiet for restful sleep. Producing constant air flow, the variable pump offers multiple levels of pressure for a customizable experience. Each pressure cycle is approximately 12 minutes long. The hooked air pump of pressure mattress can be attached to most bed frames.


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