Ear Hearing Aids Axon V-163 Hearing Aid


Ear Hearing Aids Axon V-163 Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Axon Ear v-163 Axon Handy Mini Hearing Aid Sound Voice Amplifier Sound Amplification Device for Digital Hearing Aids Hearing Aids for the Ear Portable gadget with Clear Voice Hearing Aids With the most up-to-date technology, it’s ideal for deaf people.

Ear Hearing Aids Axon V-163 Hearing Aid

Note: The Product Is Identical To What Is Shown In The Photographs.
The Sound Is Clear
Sound output maximum: 130dB
dB gain (sound gain): 50dB
Percentage of total harmonic wave distortion: 10%
The frequency range is 300Hz to 4000Hz.
30dB input noise
1.5V DC voltage
Currently, 4mAUsage is being used.
Place the battery in the correct place after opening the cartridge cover. The ideal option is a Zine Air battery, which has a longer life.
Make sure the power is turned off or the volume is set to “l” before usage.
Place the ear hook over your ear and plug it in tightly. Note: Make sure the unit is turned off and the volume is set to “l” if you don’t want to be bothered by the instant sound.
To get clear sound, turn on the power and adjust the sound volume.
Please double-check if you hear a whistling sound.


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