Elevate 5cm al Instante


Elevate 5cm al Instante

  •  Elevate 5cm al Instante
  • Set includes: 5 pairs of insoles that can be put one on top of the other
  • Made of flexible gel for maximum comfort – and for up to 5 cm more height!
  • Anti-slip design Material: Silicone Plastic
  • Extra boost for your ego on meetings, conferences, and dating!!

Elevate 5cm al Instante

Confidence means keeping your head up, and nothing keeps it higher than being tall. Coming up short on dates or interviews? Don’t worry: WSWS air-cushion shoe insole will give you a lift. Go ahead; take a stand. The idea of height insoles originated in Asia where they are a phenomenon. Millions of people across the world are wearing these adjustable Lefties today, right now. Celebrities are also known to use this product as well as working professionals who know their height can have a substantial effect on their career aspirations and respect. People often find themselves asking the question, ‘how can I grow taller, what is the secret to growing taller or how can I grow taller?’ This WSWS height increase insole provides the exact product you need – making you taller.


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