Energy King Massager


Energy King Massager

Use deep tissue massage on shoulders, arms, back, legs, and feet to relieve muscle pain and improve blood circulation. Handle for the Immune System that may be detached and used in a variety of ways

Energy King Massager

The variable speed option is the first feature. It has a variable working speed that may be adjusted by turning the knob. We’ve encountered a lot of models that don’t have the variable speed option. There are more than two or three speeds to pick from.
The fact that it can be used in two separate ways is the second feature that elevates it above average. It’s a multi-form massager because, while it appears to be another large handheld massager, it can also be used as a portable palm-sized massager. The handle may be popped off, and then a bottom piece is snapped on. You put your hand through the upper sleeve and pull it tight.


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