Fascial Gun Massager 4 Kinds of Massage


Fascial Gun Massager 4 Kinds of Massage

  • 4X different massage head, meeting various demand
  • 6X speed regulation to meet different massage needs
  • Reduced recovery time
  • Increased blood flow
  • Clears lactic acid
  • Releases muscle knots
  • Breaks down scar tissue
  • Increased range of motion
  • The ergonomic grip can minimize the external force
  • Shaking principle hammering style, strong power to massage muscles
  • 7.4V brushless motor technology brings more stable and comfortable experience
  • Independent power management system, charging and discharging more intelligent, prolong battery life

Fascial Gun Massager 4 Kinds of Massage

  • High frequency Shaking, dissipation of fatigue, deep massage, relaxation of muscles, alleviate pain
  • Customized ergonomic massage head can provide comfortable massage experience while reducing the damage to bones and collaterals
  • Four kinds of massage head, according to the location of massage to choose massage head, bring a more comprehensive massage experience
  • The device allows the user to directly target areas of soreness and reduce pain, whilst also reducing recovery time, making it an essential product for any athlete
  • Adjust the frequencies according to the purpose, for warming up, soreness relief, injured muscles, muscle pain and activation, tightness relief; increase to higher speeds for larger and stronger muscle groups.


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