Hijama Cupping Therapy Tools 12 Pieces


Hijama Cupping Therapy Tools 12 Pieces

  • Magnetic Points or “Needles”
  • North Pole Magnetic Points(blue) 4
  • South Pole Magnetic Points (red) 4
  • 1 x Connector Tube
  • 1 x Suction Pump
  • 100% Genuine KangZhu Cupping set
  • Great for personal, clinic, hospital

Hijama Cupping Therapy Tools 12 Pieces

Cupping has been practiced in World for thousands of years for the treatment of illnesses and pain.

With those new cups, there is no need to use fire as the traditional cupping therapy any more.

It made the application of the cupping more easily and safely.

It has not only improved efficacy but also simplified the procedures of cupping therapy.

The improved plastic cups for ancient Chinese cupping therapy are now available for supply.

In China, those new cups are very popular for family cupping treatment.


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