Kids Scooter 3 Wheels Scooter


Kids Scooter 3 Wheels Scooter

  • Durable clear smooth PU rubber wheels.
  • Draped in a beautiful blue colour, the scooter features 3 wheels to add stability. It comes with an adjustable handle that can be raised or lowered to match the child’s height. Its lightweight frame makes it easy to carry around and a folding design makes it convenient to store. The scooter offers a healthy exercising alternative

Kids Scooter 3 Wheels Scooter

  • 3 wheel foldable personal mini scooter.
  • Stable for kids
  • Adjustable handle according to child’s height
  • Great scooter for children to learn coordination and balance.
  • Building skills and self-confidence.
  • High quality foot brake on the rear pedal.
  • 3 levels height adjustable handle.


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