Lenovo XT-90 Original Headphones


Lenovo XT-90 Original Headphones

Lenovo XT-90 Original Headphones

Other Wireless Type
Yes, volume control is available.
Yes, a control button exists.
Lenovo XT90 XT90 XT90 XT90 XT90 XT90 XT90
Communication: Wireless Style: In-ear Style: In-ear Style: In-ear Style: In-ear
Uses: iPod, portable media player, cell phone, gaming, sports, and travel
Waterproof, with a microphone
Waterproof Active Noise-Cancellation: No Standard: IPX-6
ABS is the material of choice.
Design: Attractive magnetic design
Frequency Range:20HZ-20KHZ
Time on standby: 300 minutes
EARBUDS is a type of earbud.
Connection distance: 10m Base battery: 300 mAh/3.7V
White is the predominant colour.


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