Pet Dematting Comb, for Dogs and Cats


Pet Dematting Comb, for Dogs and Cats

  • Great choice for medium to longhaired coats on all breeds. Spectacular solution for coarse, long, curly or wiry matted coats.
  • Start with the 9 sharp teeth side for for stubborn mats and tangles and finish with the 17 teeth side for faster results or thinning and deshedding.
  • Grooming with less stress!
  • ALL IN 1 TOOL – Detangling, deshedding & brushing at the same time

Pet Dematting Comb, for Dogs and Cats

  • Precision teeth provides gentle and precise dematting even for dogs with sensitive skin. Rounded outside,
  • so it doesn’t scratch the skin unlike other pointed edge tools. Sharp inside, so it clears all mats and tangles safe easy & fast. Your dog will thank you for that!
  • Simple 5 minute brushing will remove tons of unnecessary dead undercoat from your furry friend.


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