Steel Plate Mounting System Trx Xmount


Steel Plate Mounting System Trx Xmount

Steel Plate Mounting System Trx Xmount

DURABLE AND DISCREET: This mount is both durable and discreet, with a 4.5-inch diameter “A sturdy steel plate with a diameter of 12 inches that readily attaches to walls, studs, or overhead beams to provide a stable anchoring point for all TRX Training devices. Two wood lag bolts are included.
ALL TRX SUSPENSION TRAINER MODELS ARE SUPPORTED: It’s only 4.5 inches long “This high-quality steel plate supports all TRX Suspension Trainer models and conveniently connects to any wall, vertical stud, or secure overhead beam.
ANY ROOM CAN BE MADE INTO A GYM: You’ve found the right spot for your TRX Suspension Trainer, but you’re missing an anchor point. The TRX Xmount is a discrete, solid solution.


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