Thrive 717 Powerful Massager


Thrive 717 Powerful Massager

  • Chest Massager
  • Shoulder Massager
  • Neck Massager
  • Back Massager
  • Abdomen Massager
  • Tummy Tucks
  • Legs Massager
  • Arms Massager
  • Feet Massager

Thrive 717 Powerful Massager


  • Voltage Supply Only: 220-240 V
  • Original Thrive 717 Full body Massage
  • Hand-Held 3 Interchangeable Head Physiotherapy Machine
  • All Body Pain Relief Home Use Massage Therapy
  • Benefits of Using Thrive Massager (G-5)
  • Strong and Irregular Body Massaging function with electric heating function
  • Provide massage in large range of body areas due to large surface
  • Draining Effect on the body through heat
  • Pain Relief and Metabolism increase through Heat Function
  • Light Weight and Easy Handling
  • 2 Massage Speeds and can be used with or without heating function
  • 4 Exchangeable Massage Attachments


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