Warm Air Blower 900w


Warm Air Blower 900w

  • –Digital LED Temperature display.
  • –Compact Personal Heater and great for travel.
  • –The swivel- plug can be used in sockets in different positions for more convenient and easier use.
  • –Great for anywhere at: Home, Bathrooms, Dorm Rooms, Offices, campers, basements, garages etc.
  • –When the indoor temperature is the same as the temperature of the heater, the heater will stop working to saving power.

Warm Air Blower 900w

  • –Auto Shut-off.
  • –Space-saving design.
  • –Whisper-Quiet operation.
  • –High-lows speed settings.
  • –Compact personal heater.
  • –Stay-Cool Plastic Housing.
  • Digital temperature display.
  • –Safe Ceramic Heating Element.


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