XN 8030 Beauty Skin Care Expert


XN 8030 Beauty Skin Care Expert

  • Pore Vacuum Cleaner-XN 8030 beautiful skin care expert blackhead remover

XN 8030 Beauty Skin Care Expert

Solved problems – coarse pores, rough skin, dark skin, exfoliation of dead skin, blackheads and skin pores, nose dirt and firmness, improve skin elasticity.

5 types of suction: the power button can switch five models of suction force to provide adequate and strong suction to meet the needs of different users.

4 different probes: dead skin scrub, strong blackheads, weak blackheads, increased skin elasticity.

Suggestions for use: A hot steam and a shower or peeling mask to open the pores will succeed halfway, then you will move the machine back and forth (before the mirror). If you are not careful, in the case of Bruise Cold water and cold mask to remove bruises and red spots, never stay in one of the three areas. Give time and care and get worse before it gets better!


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