Step 1: Turn power off. Step 2: Insert Zapplight into any Socket. Step 3: Switch light on and the light & zapper will activate (once the Blue LED Light is on, zapper is activated). Step 4: To toggle modes, simply click the switch again Buzzing, flying, stinging creatures are consistently destroyed with the latest technology in lighting. Say goodbye to fruit flies, wasps, mosquitoes, gnats & more with this silent exterminator. The Zapplight lures bugs into its blue/white light combination without releasing harmful toxins or sprays into the air. EASY TO CLEAN: Once the bulb cools down, simply unscrew and clean off insects with included brush. Recommended for year round use. . Great for pet stores.


ZappLight-Insect-Killer-Dual-LED-Bulb– 9W PROTECTION: Rid buzzing, stinging virus carrying Bugs like: flying insects & Mosquitoes, with our LED light/bug zapping combination. BRIGHT: Soft white bulbs allow adequate lighting for family rooms, patios, decks & entire home. ECO-FRIENDLY: Toss out pricy bills. Save energy & lightbulbs. Avoid Sprays: Great for places where pesticides can’t be sprayed like kitchens and hospitals. Easy installation: just replace your original bulb with this item, no need to change the light switch. Energy saving 09W gives 60W light. Zapplight combines a powerful LED Light with an effective electric zapper to solve one of life’s biggest problems: INSECTS. Easy installation, screws into socket just like any other bulb.


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